Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday, December 13, 2008

White Elephant Party

This is your early reminder of our upcoming annual CG Christmas party, at Ross and Rachel’s house, on Friday, December 19th. Socializing will begin around 7:45, but the actual event may not start until closer to 9, to allow for our Southland Singers to arrive from the Friday night service. (This bodes well for all you late arrivals!).

The basic plan is for use to have a variety of Christmas snacks, a showing of the cartoon version of the Grinch, and a white elephant gift exchange. The basic rules of the White Elephant exchange is that everyone should bring a gift (of approx 10 dollars in value). It can be a nice gift, a gag gift, or a combination of both. (In recent years, the combination gifts have brought the most entertainment value. I seem to remember it rather interesting to watch people fight over a tacky gold purse to get the Starbucks card inside). Gabe will explain the rules the night of the party, but the brief version is, we all draw numbers, we draw a gift at our number, 2 exchanges can occur during each turn, Number 1 gets to also exchange last (so good number to have!). And Gabe often has an extra gift for the person who is deemed to have the most pitiful gift.