Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gabe in the Philippines

Greetings Friends!

After our ordeal in Houston, I have continued on to the Philippines. OK, this may seem petty to those wealthy world-travelers among us, but I had my intial Frist-Class experience! Here are the first two courses of a 5 course (maybe more) meal.

Everything you have seen in the movies is true, from the hot towels, to the larger bathrooms to fully-reclining seats which helps on a 15 hour flight. Next, the hotel is rather spectacular. Not quite Disney, but inpressive in its own way. Here is the building of my room.

Here is the view across the 5+ acre saltwater swimming pool. There are 3-4 other swimming pools plus a coral reef, spa, fishing pond, lots of activities for kids, 4 restaurants, a private beach, scuba . . . I wish my family was here to enjoy the experience. I don't, however, wish to attempt a 30 hour travel experience with two small boys. Here is a satellite view:,123.983803&spn=0.002513,0.005472&t=k&z=18

More updates later, or see you at Connection Group!


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