Monday, August 3, 2009


So... what are your thoughts on IT? Here are mine:

1. It could be very exciting - I'm looking forward to hearing more about it, since there wasn't as much detail as I would have liked.
2. There's a part of me that's cynical, since I've seen Southland go through strategy changes about as often as product generations at a certain company I know of.
3. What makes me the saddest though is that after all the hype and the comments, I was expecting something Lexington-wide. Something that included all the churches in Lexington and allowed us all to work together to change our community. After the message from the stage this weekend, I'm still not seeing a willingness to do anything like that. This is a Southland thing and only a Southland thing, and that makes me sad. What's the challenge to the community at large?

Those are my 2 cents so far, but am still ruminating. What are your thoughts?



Nancy said...

I too was glad to hear the sermon but it left me wanting to hear so much more, like the nuts and bolts of it all. He didn't really say anything that I didn't expect him to say. Part of me it totally psyched and part of of me totally nervous. Part of me wonders if we are all heading into that pond LOL.

Jackie said...

When Jon Weece was on the 27 noon news, he said something about issuing a challenge to all the churches in Lexington. I guess we will hear more about that as the month progresses. I'm very curious to learn more about IT (and I'm not talking about Information Technology!)

Maria said...

I think several people wanted to know more specifically what IT is all about, but I don't think that was possible to do in just one sermon. That's why he said he will be unpacking it over the next few weeks--it's just too much to tke in at once. I know there is an urge to be cynical about a structure change (I've had to fight the urge myself), but if a church doesn't grow and change then it will become stagnant, uneffective, and can eventually die. Change is always hard but it is necessary. One big theme in all of this is for us to take the focus off ourselves and what we want and put the focus on Christ and the needs of other people. I know there will be lots good come out of it. If anything, all this buzz brought so many people to church, many of whom may not have come otherwise. I'm not one to think we should just fill the seats, but if even one person accepts Jesus as a result of all this, I think that is success.