Sunday, January 11, 2009

Micro Monkeys and Chocolate Hills

Greetings Friends!  I'm in the Philippines missing my family, so I thought I put up a blog post to pass the time (and make good use of my $20 internet charge!).  I got here on Wednesday January 7th after the 34 hour travel experience which includes a quick night in Hong Kong.

Thursday evening I sought out this one-of-a-kind ride.  Along the top edge of a 38 story building, there is a track that overhangs the edge.  These two-person cars tilt forward 30+ degrees giving you a great view straight down the side of the building.  Considering this building is the tallest in Cebu, the experience is impressive.  The lack of any shoulder restraints heightens the experience, but there are no thrills otherwise, just an uncomfortable lap bar.  I did it but won;t be going back anytime soon.

On Saturday, I went to Bohol Island, home of the smallest monkeys in the world (Note that a smaller monkey reportedly does exist).  These cute Tarsiers fit in the palm of your hand.  Touching them has been largely outlawed, so we were only able to take photographs.  In Bohol, we also took a dinner cruise on a river that looked right out of a Disney Movie.  It was like a real Jungle Cruise!  No elephants however.  We saw a bee farm, some colonial churches, beaches, and other parts of the island.

The most striking part of Bohol were the Chocolate Mountains.  Thousands of these mounds dot the center of the island, rising above rice paddies below.  The airplane is not real!  I got two of them for Nick and Nate.  I wanted something to include in photos from famous and exotic locations around the world.  If you have heard of flat stanley, they are the same concept.  So if you are travelling somewhere other than Morehead or Richmond, please consider taking them along and including them in photo!

Pasta la Pizza, baby



Jackie said...

Okay, that "ride" is kinda crazy. Those monkeys have freaky eyes. I wanted to burst out singing, "The hills are alive with the sound of music" but I'm at work so that would be totally inappropriate.

Berita dari gunung said...

Been there once, and Bohol is the nicest place!