Saturday, July 19, 2008

Finally figured this out?

Geez, I finally think I've managed how to write my two cents worth on this page. I'm not too good at this stuff, but on occasion, as Nancy so kindly puts it, I try to move into the new millenium. =) Anyway, I wish I were asleep, but since this baby is making my legs restless, I'm here awake trying to figure this out and now I have! Now what do I want to say? Well, I'm looking forward to being at CG next week and we had a good time at Cedar Point last weekend. The ferris wheel is a great ride! We (mostly Ross, but he did let me help) carpeted the baby's room this week and he's been busy fixing a bunch of stuff up around the house for before this kid comes. Okay, that's all for now and hope you all enjoy your Sunday tomorrow!

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